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Mixed garden salad

6.00 €

Soft goat’s cheese with colorful leave salad Apple-fig chutney and walnut brittle

9.50 €

Gengs smoked salmon with a mustard dill sauce Potato blini and salad bouquet

11.00 €



Beef broth with homemade marrow dumplings and pancake-strips

6.00 €

Wild Garlic Cream Soup

6.00 €



Colorful garden salad with fried breast of corn- fed chicken

17.00 €

Seasonal salad with fried filets of sea bass

20.00 €

Wir setzen auf Tradition…

We trust in tradition…

Breaded Schnitzel of Qualivo- pork French fries and mixed salad

19.00 €

Deer Ragout Seasonal vegetables and homemade spaetzle

24.00 €

Cordon Bleu of veal Filled with ham and cheese Seasonal vegetables and French fries

27.00 €

Angus beef steak Fried onions or herbed butter French fries

26.00 €

…ohne altmodisch zu sein

…without being old fashioned

Fried breast of corn-fed chicken with gravy Market vegetables and French fries

20.00 €

Sautéed tips of veal and beef Mushrooms and swiss potato Rösti

22.00 €

Grilled filet of sea bass mediterranean vegatable and potato gnocchi

31.00 €

Roasted beef filet cafe de Paris Seasonal vegetables and French fries

35.00 €



Creamy cheese Spätzle Chives and fried onions

15.00 €